2008 Album

I do this same thing every year, once all the celebrating is over I try and look back on the year of Music listening and playing I’ll attempt to come up with my favourite or most listened to album of the last 12 months. (Its taken me this long to decide!)

Usually I have a tough time doing this, as there are many or a few albums that stand out from the rest. Similar case for 2008, however one album in particular has shined through for me.

Kings of Leon released their latest album ‘Only by the Night’ on the 22nd September and it was evident that the album was destined for success almost immediately. Both ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody’ were featured in the UK top 10 chart and the album itself was declared the UK’s third best selling album and the best selling album in Australia.

With the popularity and chart issues aside, the album itself features an array of songs spanning different genres of music. The band stated in an early interview that the album would ‘rock harder’ and it certainly does this. Track 2 on the album, ‘Crawl’ features many heavy riffs and distorted bass to blow your face off, after a some what chilled out intro track.
The bands ‘Southern’ roots can also be heard in the album, certain tracks such as ‘Revelry’ and ‘Manhattan’ feature many guitar tones and rhythmic choices by the drummer to make this style appear in the music. Not to mention the Bass player, Jared Followill who is very clever at creating grooves and harmonies with the right choice of notes to suit the song, at the same time remaining prominent in the music. Perhaps more so than on any other Rock/Indie album I’ve heard.

With all this in mind, the chiled out style coupled with Rock roots gives this album great playability (Ive lost count of how many times I’ve listened through it) and so gets my seal of approval as album of 2008.


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