The Girl Of His Dreams

Winchester University student Adam Pacitti has become a rising star over the past two weeks, due to his search for ‘the girl of his dreams’.

Featured in both local and National papers, he aims to find the girl seen in his dream, who he describes on his website as ‘She was incredible. She was gorgeous. She was absolutely, genuinely perfect.’

Over the past two days he has received 200 emails from prospective girls, stated on his blog and has only recently been cast into the publics eye. By August had already received 20,000 unique visitors to his website, and claims this number to be on a steady rise. The website costs him £60 annually; Adam states “a small price to pay for finding love.”

After returning to Winchester for the new term in September, flyers worth £300 were being found around the City publicising his search for the girl dubbed as ‘Ugly Betty’.

Fans of Adam’s cause are wide spread across the University, Chloe Torabi, fan and course friend, said – “It gives girls hope everywhere that there are still men around who believe in romance albeit a bit extreme, I think he’s endearing!”

Media attention growing on the 20 year-olds love story saw him on today’s edition of GMTV, most of his student’s friends tuning in to support him. Whilst Adam does have a lot of support for his campaign, it is also apparent that a similar amount of people do not think so fondly.

His Facebook group received flack shortly after being created, with some members joining and claiming that he created the whole thing for publicity.

Adam Pacitti responded to this with – “I don’t really know how to reply to the skeptics who think this is all a joke, you can’t change some people. That said I’d like to assure people that this is 100% real and genuine.”

Adam continues his search for love, taking both negative and positive responses with him, he is due to feature on Fridays Richard and Judy show this week and is currently recording in London.


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