Winchester Out Loud

A brand new method of making literature exciting and new is taking place this month in Winchester’s Guild Hall. ‘Winchester Out Loud’ is part of a national campaign designed to introduce literature to those who have negative views about it.

This Friday will see ‘Fright Night’ taking place, and will offer children the chance create their own ghostly poetry as well as other festive Halloween events. Parents are being encouraged to come with their children to the event, as many activities will involve the whole family.

Marilyn Michalowicz, Arts Development Officer at the Guild Hall said: “A more literate and sociable community is what we aim to achieve, and I think that every little helps in this context, especially if it leads to other language-based activity.”

Plans to link this literature scheme to Winchester Library are also in place, with leaflets being released at £1 serving as a guide to Winchester’s literary connections. Marilyn continued: “We hope that families will try something out, and then perhaps get turned onto further activities such as joining or forming a book group.”

The main event of the programme takes place next month from the 24th to the 30th, ‘Wessex Children’s Book Festival’ and is hoped to be a success with the children of Winchester.

Extra plans were proposed for the programme however at this time resources such as money and staff time is limited. If the programme is a success, more funds should be donated to the programme by next year.


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