Single Review – Placebo (For What It’s Worth)

Released – 31st May 2009

Album – ‘Battle For The Sun’

Placebo’s latest effort is by no means a dissapointment to the ears, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘Battle For The Sun’ which is released on the 8th of June, and choosing this song as the first single puts them high up on expectations for the album itself.

In terms of playability, the song is very catchy, unlike many of their older releases For What It’s Worth features many new elements. Not to mention the addition of band members on stage, new drummer Steve Forrest joined the band mid last year, and adds a touch of fire and heaviness to their songs. The single itself could be considered by the die-hard Placebo fans as rather ‘poppy’ than usual, elements do sound like they were built for air-time on the radio.

Technically the song is well constructed and has a very catchy chorus, the strong bass intro sounds menacing and worthy of a show-opener. Bryan’s vocals are as pleasing as ever, stretching his range at several points in the 3:41 song. The band played 3 shows last month that were classed as an exclusive ‘pre tour’ tour. I attended the Bournemouth show and I have to say I was blown away. Playing every song from the new album, as well as old-school favourites such as Every You & Every Me, Infra-Red and Meds. The band seem stronger and fresher than ever and this single is a deffinate must for any Placebo fan, or in general – anyone who wants to check out their sound (this song has all of their elements)!

Price – Single: 79p  EP: £1.79p on ITunes.

Playability – 8/10

Structure – 7/10

Sound – 9/10

Artwork – 7/10

Overall – 7/10


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