The return of past Culture?

I recently went on holiday for 2 weeks to various coastal locations around the UK. During my travels I began to notice one familiar thing in nearly every town I came across, florescent colours and mix-matched clothes are the new ‘hot’ thing with teenagers. Don’t get me wrong I love my fair share of NEXT t-shirts, checked shirts and star wars themed socks, but there is definately a hint of change in the air.

I don’t consider myself to be any kind of fashion expert but its clear to notice that Society is moving once again. The recent boom of RnB stars and auto-tuners in the music industry is just one example, as was the rise and fall of Hair Metal. The charts are still abundant with these things, however there are several artists currently producing music that stand out from the crowd, and are still ‘popular’ within the mainstream.

Take new wave synth fan ‘La Roux’, her recent self-titled album was received very well by the public and her two singles ‘In For The Kill’ and ‘Bulletproof’ were instant top-ten hits. Both songs are still hanging onto spots in the UK top 40, which is slightly strange considering the rest of the music on offer from the chart itself. Along with her music comes her very distinctive look, her soon to be ensured quiff for example, and it all bursts with an essence of classic 80’s style. The reason that she is so popular could state that there is indeed a shift backwards in society to the more flamboyent days of our past.

Think the peace loving hippy days are also behind us? Id say think again. Take my other half for instance, she recently started wearing flowery bands in her hair and has been showing me the large collection of clothes on sale in the highstreet that feature distinctly floral patterns. I couldn’t help but think at the time, “things are going back to the 60’s!”.

To be honest, id like to think the times are a’ changin’. Ever genre of music deserves its rightful place in music history, but I can’t help but think that too much of something is a bad thing. The recent boom in RnB seems to have just given us yet more and more of the same listening experience, artists are now using one route chord, heavy bass blasting drums and chorus’s to get into the charts quickest.

If the shift is indeed happening, and our cultural society is once again changing, id say expect some new sounds that havent been heard for a very long time. Music effects people just as much as we effect it, and if these past cultures are about to return to the mainstream, id say most people are ready for it.



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