Mr. Big making a comeback!

Famous 80’s rock group Mr.Big finally reformed earlier this year in Febuary, to celebrate the anniversary of their debut album released back in 1989. Over the years they have provided their fans with 16 albums spanning both studio and live recordings from their most famous shows. The original band lineup features Eric Martin on vocals, bass innovator Billy Sheehan, 80’s shred legend Paul Gilbert and drummer Pat Torpey.

The group have now released tour dates for Europe during the fall and have already conquered their return to Japan, a place where they have remained the most sucessful for many years. Often bands like this plan a comeback and then somehow fail to deliver, though Mr. Big seem fresher than ever.

Along with 2 new singles the band released an ‘expanded’ version of their debut self-titled album which contained demo tapes of original songs ‘Merciless’ and ‘How Can You Do What You Do’. In comparison to how the music industry has changed since their break-up in 2002, their music still feels fairly new and the band seem to be obtaining new fans of all ages.

Their legacy will always remain in the Japanese market, selling out every single show on their tour calendar, however the European market looks fairly shakey at this time. Their shows are yet to sell out in the UK, however I feel with some devoted fans spreading the word, their reunion could turn into a more perminent fixture.

They brought something new to the music around in the early 90’s, with Billy and Paul’s legendary guitar/bass duels and Eric Martins insane vocal talent. This certainly hasn’t died off with their age, and whilst in an industry that is dominated by synth and auto-tuners, they may find it hard to breakthrough into the limelight once again. Though with a little more PR the bands talents should shine through.



Mr. Big’s official site –


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