Open Mic Nights

In the dark times of the present day, what with the state of the world and all its troubles, often people look for an escape to forget the troubles of everday life. What better way to do it than to join in with one of the oldest pub traditions around, ‘Open Mic’ nights.

They seem suitable for everyone, up-coming bands and experienced ‘old-timers’ showing off their guitar licks. So why is it that the general public in England seem to not take advantage of such a community environment? It certainly seems to be that way in Reading. Every Tuesday night the ‘Horse & Jockey’ houses its own Open Mic night, and I went down one evening to see whats its like.

In terms of turn-out, the regulars and a few youngsters relaxed with their pints as each took to the stage to perform their favourite songs. Not exactly a headliners crowd, but the people that were there loved every second, even if someone destroyed a specific song, no one cared. This great community spirit is what I feel, everyone needs at least once a week.

These nights happen in pretty much every pub weekly or monthly, so why not check out your local? Even if your not a musician the atmosphere should help anyone kick those mid-week blues!



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