Kings Of Leon – “Unhappy with set”

Friday headliners at Reading festival Kings Of Leon refused to show more than an hour of their set after they were “not too happy with their performance”, Edith Bowman announced on the BBC3 coverage.

If you didn’t catch the performance either at the festival or on BBC3, it was hard to see why they were. Certainly more positives than negatives, as the band gave the audience a very long set of songs both new and old. The crowd also seemed to respond well, especially with their hit ‘Sex on Fire’, which naturally caused chaos.

Not to mention the cold, there could be many reasons why the band decided to stop coverage, though at this time they have not stated why in any interviews. When looking at the set in detail, there are many sections where lead singer Caleb looks unhappy.

It could have been down to the band not sounding right, for some reason not gelling correctly. Though myself being used to stage equipment it would have probably been down to the sound. Sure we hear a well mixed set on the television as it comes through various boards, however on stage this could have been a completely different thing. If there was a delay between ear pieces some band members could come in early, or perhaps his vocal mic was unstable and changed volume.

Its hard to tell at this time, though something was certainly not right on stage. However with this aside I still think they managed to play a well rounded set that would put many bands to shame.

Stage Presence – 8/10

Sound – 7/10

Set List – 8/10

Below are several shots from the coverage, and you can watch the performance again on BBC iplayer now.

kings 2kings 3kings 1


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