Frank Turner – ‘Poetry of the Deed’


“Life is too short, to live without poetry. If you’ve got soul darling now come on and show me!”

There’s no doubt that right now, Frank Turner is my favorite song writer by far. I was lucky enough to meet him in early 2008, at a gig in his hometown of Winchester. Not only was it the most memorable and energized show I have ever been to, but he is also an incredibly humble guy. After signing a poster for me and my friends, he sat and had a drink with us and explained his day of constant traveling.

Its always a great thing to see when an up-coming artists interacts with his fans, and this is something Frank excels in. If you join his group on Facebook, you receive a flurry of email updates that essentially tell you his every move. The media spotlight is now shining on him with his latest release, especially after much pre-release radio coverage.

The new record is certainly different to his previous album, however a lot of elements remain the same – just more evolved. Franks sound is more focused on his band this time around, however still features 3 solo acoustic tracks as a bonus. In terms of genre, its still based around many folk and rock influences, whilst his lyrics remain as artistic as ever. Issues such as middle age, growing old, friendships, the media and family values are just some covered in the 17 tracks. There’s a sense that he is an artist that is constantly growing, and producing these new fresh sounds.

Overall, for fans of Frank you will not be disappointed. And whilst the album sounds different to his past efforts, it remains a truly rewarding purchase. For those that haven’t heard his music before, its a great way to start as well – its full of emotion, political topics and a sense of anarchy – all the things that have made him so popular.

Billy Bragg for the Facebook age? I’d say so.

Overall rating – 8/10


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