‘Wall of Love’


Last weeks Cancer Research fundraiser at ‘The Hobbit’ in Southampton was a great success, and local band Used Inc. stole the show with their unorthodox audience activities.

The band, fronted by brothers Jon and Chris Dale were the second of three to perform on the night and provided a new style of entertainment. Their ska style was perfect for creating a dancing environment, but the band pitched their own ideas to enhance the audiences experience. You may have heard of the ‘Metal’ legacy that is the wall of death? Well Used Inc. turned this idea on its head and created a wall of love.

As the band guided the audience through their creation, they played all of their most up-beat songs to mirror the mood set by the music. At the same time, the purpose of the night was not forgotten as members from the student team walked around the venue requesting donations. People seemed to give generously and this was no doubt down to the mood set by this very lively and entertaining band.

Whilst Used Inc. were not the only band to play that night, I wanted to center this Review on them purely because of the way they communicate with the audience. Ive found it a rare sight to see when a band spends more time joking around with the audience members than actually playing songs! Though with this in mind you do not get bored in their presence, as the whole band bubble with energy and are definitely one to watch out for.

Check out some live recordings on their myspace featured below –



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