X Factor Controversy

danyl johnson

Now I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan of the show in the world, though it does make a good watch. But when watching last nights first ‘live show’ I realized how powerful the media has become.

This may sound strange but for those of you that heard Dannii Minogue’s comment, you will understand. Favorite to win Danyl Johnson, from Reading, sung the classic Jennifer Hudson song  ‘And I Am Telling You’, delivering a powerful note-for-note performance. Clearly pleased with his performance, he turned to face the judges feeling confident.

Aside from his regular confrontation with the judges surrounding his ‘overconfident’ personality, Dannii came out with a comment that was both unnecessary and shocking. “If we’re to believe what we read in the papers there was no need to switch the gender reference in the song.”

The first thing that came to mind was how pointless this comment was, unless being an attempt to ‘out’ Danyl’s sexuality to the nation. This brought to light for me how powerful the media has become, and how a show that is apparently all about finding talented musicians has turned into a controversial ‘slagging’ match.

Nothing is personal within the media these days, but I feel it was a surprise to see someone regarded as a ‘professional’ to say such a comment and humiliate one of the shows contestants. The media is powerful but we do not have to believe everything we read.


One Response to “X Factor Controversy”

  1. Tish Tash Says:

    Hey huni
    Been looking at some of ur blogs u r very talented. With this blog i feel the same about ur view with the media, what is someone sexuality anything to do with a persons singing abilities. The media have taken over people’s lives and it makes me sick, look at Stephen Gateley’s untimely death they had a clear view of how he died and printed their rubbish sending the rumor into oblivion. A person’s private life is their business so i agree with you.

    On a another point i have to say that i am sorry huni even thou Danyl is one of the favorites i have to back up my area so i am backing Stacey and Ollie. Come on Essex lol.

    Keep up the good work.


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