Photoshop is scary!


Ill start today’s blog by firstly saying that I am a huge fan of Photoshop, I have a copy of the program myself. However whilst using ‘CS3’ in my practical lecture today, it became apparent to me how powerful this program can be.

By this I mean the ways a Journalist can manipulate a picture to become almost anything they want. It takes a lot of time to master all the tools featured on the program, but even a basic understanding will allow you to produce the ‘perfect’ looking picture. This got me thinking that, in a constantly growing media age, are any photo’s real these days?

Most images will receive a level of editing before going to print, however I think that the ‘art’ of photography (referring to its raw basics) have now been lost. I’ve been learning a lot about Cartier Bresson’s work and his style was phenomenal, a single picture could tell a thousand words without any editing whatsoever. This was all done down to his distinct positioning and mastery of the camera’s in-built functions.


Photography like this is still seen today, though I believe most are severely edited. Now please don’t take this blog post as a rant against Photoshop because I love the program, and there are certain industry standards these days that require a certain level of editing. But please – let’s not lose sight of how powerful a plain, un-edited photograph can be!

Go check out Bresson’s work at –


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