‘This Will Destroy You’


Do not be alarmed by today’s blog title – what you’re about to read won’t actually do that at all, in fact the opposite!

That is actually a band name, and no – they are not a heavy Death Metal band from Sweden, but an instrumental ‘Sound-scape’ project from Texas. I have been listening to a lot of their music lately (what with the tough times of third year university work) so I decided to write today’s feature on them.

The bands sound is something like I’ve never heard before, they combine synth pads, strings, effects heavy drums and clever guitar work to create a truly chilled out feel. Both their self titled album and ‘Young Mountain’ feature songs names that relate to the sound of the song, or at least the feelings and emotions they should evoke. ‘They Move On Tracks Of Never-Ending Light’ is just one example of these song titles, and with this especially you get an idea of the energy they create.

Think of the film ‘Lost In Translation’, its soundtrack is very similar to the music this band creates, however they add their own edge through playing in a band environment. Several songs are on youtube, and I’d recommend listening on there first before buying as their albums are both £7.99. Not only that, but I would say their sound is also an acquired taste, but if your in the mood for a chilled out session that still has a kick to it, then look no further.


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