That’s Entertainment!


Today’s blog post is all about the above album, and why I believe it to be one of the most influential compilation albums of all time. No doubt this band does not need an introduction, so I’ll just dive straight in with the album review!

‘The Sound Of The Jam’ is a 25th anniversary compilation of the bands biggest selling and best songs, which also includes a previously unreleased version of ‘That’s Entertainment’. As these types of albums go, there is wide variety of tracks featured on the album spanning the bands entire career. I’d also like to point out that these 26 tracks are all you need to hear when asked to define the bands classic sound.

Known for their Mod Revival and Ska like routes, this compilation CD does not disappoint, including such tracks as ‘The Eton Rifle’ and ‘Pretty Green’ which essentially define this style of music. There are also slower more ballad like tones in songs such as ‘English Rose’, which display the bands diversity in song writing.

You can pick it up on from around £4, however using the ‘new & used’ option I managed to get a used copy for just £1.80, yet another bargain found and sent your way in a review! Most fans of The Jam I imagine already have this CD, due to its amazing selection of songs. However if you’re one of the few that hasn’t listened to this band before – here is the perfect way to start, especially if you’re looking for a feel good album with a firm link to British culture!

This really is entertainment 😉


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