Faulkner’s Back!


As the title says, acoustic guitar god Newton Faulkner is back with his second album ‘Rebuilt By Humans’. I realize this was released on September 21st but I have only just managed to get my hands on it! So here’s today’s Review!

Faulkner’s guitar style is now well recognized within the media, known for his virtuoso tapping, harmonics and rhythmic work coupled with well thought out lyrics. His last album was a great success and plunged him straight into the spotlight, and his latest effort is sure to give him more of the same attention.

‘If This Is It’ was the first single released last month, and is also my personal favorite from the album. This is purely down to his link with aboriginal music, many drum rudiments featured in the track are decedent from this style of music. Not to mention his usual complex style of chords over great lyrics, though this is one element that runs throughout the album itself.

Other tracks such as ‘I Took It Out On You’ and ‘Lipstick Jungle’ feature well crafted lyrics and there’s no questioning against Faulkner’s vocal ability – his voice sounds stronger and clearer than ever. Though let’s move away from the technical side to Faulkner, overall the album is a great listen and is very rewarding on the ears. His attention to detail when song writing is something few artists these days do (we live in the age of the auto-tuner!).

So if you’re looking for an overall great album that has a hint of virtuoso guitar playing then look no further, but even if you’re not – this man deserves to be heard and written down in the history books.



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