Wembley Mania


A month ago today, I experienced one of the best gigs I have ever been to. The mood, the atmosphere, the venue and the comedy, everything worked and took the notion of ‘stage presence’ to a whole new level. Haven’t figured it out yet? It was Coldplay at Wembley Stadium!

Supported by 3 other amazing acts, Coldplay set the whole Stadium on fire with their performance. Not to mention White Lies amazing opening set, Girls Aloud’s high energy routines and Jay-Z’s all around star presence. At first I’ll admit, I was skeptical of the supporting line-up due to the clash in genres – but any of these thoughts were quickly extinguished.

White Lies opened to a half-full stadium, however provided a powerful performance that really set the mood for the entire evening, and if you haven’t listened to these guys before you should definitely check them out. As said Girls Aloud were next up and they certainly got the Stadium moving, women all around (and even some of the blokes) were singing along and dancing in their chairs.

Jay-Z was next on the line up, and I don’t think anyone was expecting his set to be quite as amazing as it was. His full band and special guest musicians helped give his older songs a fresh feel, and naturally newer songs such as ‘Run This Town’ and ‘Empire State Of Mind’ really got the crowd excited. You could tell a great deal of respect between all of the acts, as Jay-Z especially paid homage to the two previous acts and what was yet to come.

After a long wait (and a huge queue for the toilets) Coldplay entered the arena to the sounds of opening instrumental ‘Life In Technicolor’, a good way to sum up the emotion of their performance. Adding comedy through a parody to X-Factor during ‘Yellow’ and a cover of MJ’s ‘Billie Jean’ accompanied by Simon Pegg could only better their performance, Jay-Z also made an appearance during ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘Lost’. Also to my knowledge, the first ever mobile phone ‘Mexican Wave’ really brought home the feeling that the crowd and the band were connecting like never before. The crowd were left to sing the songs at several points in the set, and ‘Fix You’ was probably the most emotional song I have ever experienced at a live gig.

This is only a summary of the gig itself, as I really can’t find the words to describe the feelings that night – the outside world was completely forgotten about for the 7 hour duration. Rumors of  a DVD release have been circulated, and I hope they follow this through so that those of you who did not attend can see just how big this band has become.



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