Little Big Merchandise!


Fans of the award winning game ‘Little Big Planet’ will be pleased to see that the game developers are releasing their own toys in time for Christmas this year. 3 inch and 6 inch pose-able characters will be released on the 20th November, as well as a poster this month and the official beanie/plush in mid December.

You can already pre-order all of the gifts from right now (I have the 3 inch character on the way!), and the toys are set to be one of the must have gifts this Christmas. They come as part of the release of Little Big Planet for the PSP system, and no doubt will encourage PS3 owners to buy the game if they don’t already own it.

A short blog post I know, but this was a ‘QuickPress’ that was well deserved – who isn’t a fan of Little Big Planet’s escapism and all out relaxed fun?!


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