‘Dark Matter Dimensions’


Scar Symmetry’s latest album brings back all of their most popular elements that the fan’s of their music love, whilst at the same time growing with new style and techniques. The band have had over a year to work on this new material, but does it match this time scale?

In short, yes it does! You really get a sense with this album that the band have really thought about their image, and the sound they want to project. If you’re not familiar with their sound – think of Dream Theater on acid with Queen like vocal harmonies and chorus’s that get stuck in your head more than Alexandra Burke’s new single.

The strange song titles are still going strong, ‘The Consciousness Eaters’ being my favorite on the record. Though its true that every track keeps you wanting more, just when you might start to wonder if the songs going to build up, they hit you with a riff from another universe. Bass, Keyboard’s and Guitar’s flurry a billion notes through your speakers and all you can really do is listen in amazement.

This is a great effort from Scar Symmetry that is highly accessible to those of you that haven’t listened before, and another treat for their loyal fans. With tours lined up alongside the album itself, expect to hear an awful lot more about this band as the months pass – though its not one for TMF!


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