Wii Pub Nights!


Think about it, sooner or later someone was going to combine these two past times! And its a great idea, instead of having a karaoke night, why not get the Wii out and get everyone involved?

Its featured on the new Wii advert (featuring Ant & Dec!), and whilst I was surprised at first I then got to thinking that it really is a great idea. Not only for the pub-goers but the pub owners themselves, what a way to make a profit!  I’m sure you have all at some point played the sports games with your friends, so picture that in a social environment like a pub and you’ve a great night out for then you’re not in the mood for something heavy.

I also read an article on this idea featured on the Guardians website, and it seems to be attracting a lot of attention. Not sure what we will all have to do to get one of these nights going at our locals but still…. Wii pub nights? – “Im In!”


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