The Definition Of Awesome!


Don’t take today’s blog post as an attack on the modern music industry, but oh my – what’s happened?! Where have all the cheesy power ballads, long hair and guitar solo’s (on top of mountains) gone?

Well this all died along with the 80’s, but me and my housemate today discovered why this era of music production was so popular, and now so legendary. Bands such as Boston, Journey and Whitesnake created some of the best Power Ballads you can find. Song’s full of emotion, love and let’s be honest – awful editing and fashion!

However, this kind of song writing and career is the focus for today’s post. Few artists within the charts nowadays have such a clearly defined sound, these bands didn’t know such a thing as an auto tuner – something that is so overly used these day’s its become a bit tiresome.

I’ll say again that this isn’t an attack on modern music, I have tones in my iTunes collection – but nothing really gives me the buzz and satisfaction of a good Power Ballad. As my house mate stated – “I listen to 4 bars of one and I just want to listen to more and more!”.

Thinking about it, I’m sure everyone loves something from the 80’s. But combining the raw rock sound with everything that was so cheesy about this era in musical history just does something – something that few others have since been able to replicate. Power Ballads? – Definitely good times!


2 Responses to “The Definition Of Awesome!”

  1. matt clifford Says:

    Great post Christian, well written and highly entertaining. Bring back the Power Ballads!

  2. I’d suggest you check out Steel Panther, for a little bit of a throwback to 80’s cock-rock scene, with tongue firmly in cheek!

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