Cowell Makes A Stand!


It’s that time of the week again, what most of the nation now waits for every Saturday evening – X Factor. This week, it’s Rock and Jamie could be set to storm through to victory, however he is not a favorite to win. It was revealed earlier in the week than ‘Jedward’ received the most votes in last weeks Sunday showdown – to much rage which thus caused many protests.

As we know the talent competition was set up in order to find talented singers from everyday lives, and many have had great success after the show ended. John & Edward are perhaps the most controversial contestants to ever grace the shows stage, however the public seem to be attracted to their quirky, entertaining style. Though (and I say this with a lot of respect) whilst they are entertaining on stage, they don’t hit the mark with what the core idea of the show is.

The public want a superstar outcome from the show, and Simon Cowell himself has spoken out about this popular subject. He stated to The Mirror “I’m praying John and Edward don’t win but there are reports they might be in the lead. You have to live with a public vote.”

Part of me thinks the public like pissing him off, there’s something entertaining in itself when Simon Cowell is proved wrong. But with all this in mind its very hard to call this year – and I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of writing about the show itself. But right now its possibly the biggest thing going in the media – but Jamie has my vote!


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