Childhood Memories



After waking up this morning, and doing my usual routine of breakfast, then getting online – I noticed something on the Google page. A furry, blue character that features on many popular t shirts today, even referenced in Family Guy. The Cookie Monster, which could only mean one thing – Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary was today.

Work and other commitments has caused a halt in my blogging this week, but this was worthy of a post and no doubt – a kick up the bum for me to start posting again! In my opinion, one of the best children’s TV shows of all time – the legendary characters from the show are far from dead today.

Along with its anniversary, the show will be launching its 40th season on November 10th – that’s right 40th season! Such a landmark proves that the show is still popular, and few others can come close to its combination of songs, comedy (which looking back on some episodes used to verge on adult humor) and games in each episode. I appreciate that this is a rather random post for an aspiring music journalist, but I realize the importance of such well crafted television in the media.

And hey, whats wrong with revisiting your childhood? This show was a true example of how children’s programming should be made – not to mention the fact that there are now so many characters featured as cult figures. Kermit, Elmo, Ernie and many more are featured on clothing around the world, and why? Because this is a legendary show for all ages!


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