‘The Kings Of My iTunes’


Right now there is only one band dominating my iTunes collection, 3 brothers and their cousin from Nashville Tennessee, whose recent album launched them into success that many people can only dream of. Yes its Kings Of Leon, and I felt it only right to features them in today’s post. I will be writing about their 4 albums as a whole song writing collective, however if you haven’t already check them all out.

Few other bands have evolved such a sound that brings together most elements of ‘popular’ mainstream music and exploration of different tones from their instruments. If you search through my blog you will eventually find a piece I wrote on Jared Followill, the youngest brother and bass player from the band – and he is just one reason as to why their sound could be referred to as legendary.

Take the lyrics for instance, Caleb seems to ignore the ‘norm’ for his richly religious home up-bringing and focuses on such issues as pregnancy out of wed-lock  (Knocked Up) and drunken tales of night life (My Party). There is also a clear evolution in their music, Youth & Young Manhood was recorded at their home on simple equipment – and whilst lacking the mainstream qualities was at the end of the day, well crafted and written rock music (with hints of Nashville Blues).

With Aha Shake Heartbreak the band began to develop their distinct sound, and also gave birth to one of their most popular songs (The Bucket). Elements of their first album were still evident, for instance the sound of the drums was still lacking some mixing. These were only minor things however, the album is a true feel-good piece (minus Milk – with its slow minor chords) and began to get the band noticed by the public.

Because Of The Times was the next album to be released, and the difference was severely noticeable. The band began to sound more confident, and now had the backing of professional mixers when writing material. Many of their big festival tunes were exposed in this release, take for instance Fans, On Call and Charmer – all powerful songs that stand out from the mainstream yet remain successful (Also, all featuring stand-out bass work from Jared). Ragoo also displayed the bands versatility with its reggae routes and chord progressions.

Now comes what I truly feel to be their final developed sound,  though many people will disagree. Hardcore fans prefer the bands rough n’ ready sound from their first two albums, however as a whole I do believe Only By The Night to be their best effort so far. Each song keeps you wanting more and its hard to put this album down once Closer kicks into Crawl, and then of course – Sex On Fire & Use Somebody. Every instrument stands out to the point of soloist, however they all blend together perfectly to create spacey, heavy and relaxed sounds.

They might be the top of my iTunes right now, but probably not yours – so get on it!


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