DJ Hero is here!


Wow. That’s pretty much how you can sum up the latest effort from FreeStyleGames, which brings together all the elements we love from Guitar Hero and incorporates them into a fresh perspective. I finally got my chance to play DJ Hero on Sunday (forgetting any worries of early morning lectures) and I have to say that I was completely blown away. In the era of the modern DJ, its not at all far from the real thing either.

Let’s start with an overview – with just over 100 tracks to choose from there is certainly more variety to this ‘Hero’, and the game is still based around its red, green and blue buttons. The turn-table style controller connects via wireless to your console, and is essentially set out the same as any real set of decks. Buttons for timing are located on the fully movable deck itself, and on the left features a fader, effects modulator, star power button and the regular controls.

There’s no doubt you wont be able to put this game down once you start your first set in campaign mode, there are a wide range of DJ’s to choose from and each come with their own unlockable decks, clothes and headphones. The game can also be set to play all of the unlocked songs without being controlled, and with many of the mixes being 5 star quality – its great for a house party.

Before you ask, yes it does really make you feel like a DJ, and in some ways takes you back to the old routes which I believe have now been lost. These days its all about who plays the best ‘Urban Licks’ – whatever that means, the days of scratching and live vinyl mixing are unfortunately gone in today’s club culture. This game feature’s Grandmaster Flash, so hopefully it will convince people to look at how good DJ’s used to be!

Sure you can play samples over the tracks, “Sound of the DJ, DJ” being one of them – but why do such an annoying thing? Scratching, fading – this game has it all, so let’s bring back the real disk jockey culture! (This is a great place to start)


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