Careers In Danger?


There’s an interesting phenomenon around these days, something which may very well endanger the future of any media journalist (yes including us music writers)! They are known as ‘Citizen Journalists’ – everyday people that can report the news from anywhere, anyhow.

This is all down to technology, we have been looking at this topic in one of my lectures and I feel it to be one of the biggest debates going. Will it damage our careers as journalists? Or will it boost our news gathering techniques? Its a tough one to call – if anyone has a camera phone and happens to be in the moment of an event, then there is nothing stopping them reporting the incident, sending the picture off to a news corporation and hitting the big bucks.

Its certainly an attractive concept, and if you think about it – anyone can write blogs as well, essentially their own magazine articles and features. Which links back to my point of technology, gone are the days where the reporters did all the work – everyday people can now have just as much control. Did you know there’s even a department in the BBC dedicated to surfing the web for stories? – Yes that does include Twitter!

In my opinion, its a good and a bad thing. Good because I believe anyone should be able to report the news, and its also a great way to share information in this digital age. Bad because it not only de-values our jobs as a journalist, but also means that some of our traditional reporting practices may go out of the window.

Its surely a matter of opinion, but I doubt anyone’s complaining if they manage to sell a small jpeg from their phone for £200!


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