‘High Times’

High times??  It surely was, if only I wasn’t a metal head in my younger years I may have discovered this music a lot earlier than I did, and recently I’ve got firmly into this bands music. Funk routes, Jazz progressions, electro keys, disco drums, vocal harmonies – this band had it all (the stuff that doesn’t appear in the charts much these days).

Its Jamiroquai, and putting all opinions people may have of the bands front man J.K. aside, this band was pure gold. Their collection ‘High Times: Singles 1992 – 2006’ marks the bands most successful years and also contains some of the best songs they ever wrote. Some people might find this genre out-dated, but its far from it. The blend of all the elements mentioned earlier was something rather special, and created a relaxing yet funky sound that would fill the dancefloors.

Songs such as ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’ and ‘Deeper Underground’ show off the bands funk routes, and features bass lines that are remarkably difficult – yet at the same time are deep in the groove of the song itself. For you Jazz fans out there, ‘Space Cowboy’ is a great option – featuring odd chord progressions and relaxing synth.

You can pick up a brand-new copy of the CD on Play.com for around £5, though some go for under £2 on the new and used option – either way its a great bargain. Christmas wish list? Maybe – but only if your willing to try something new, though there’s a lot this band can offer.


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