Epic Theatre

I experienced something amazing today, something so fresh, so entertaining and so innovative that I hardly have words to describe it (though ill try for the sake of blogging!). It was held at the Lyceum Theatre in London, and was probably the most stunning visual experience I have ever seen on stage.

The Lion King Musical has now been running for 10 years, and its taken me this long to get some tickets (thanks to my girlfriend)! Without a doubt, this is one not to be missed – everything about the show is just perfect, the music, the sets, the cast and especially the puppets. Puppets you say? Yes – lots of them. Creator Julie Taymor has done a fantastic job at re-creating the films iconic characters and transforming them into a west-end best seller. Each cast member represents a different animal, whether its full on body suits, birds on sticks or lioness heads as hats. Check out the attached pictures below for your viewing pleasure (if you haven’t yet seen it).

The music itself is also amazing, African themes mixed with all the classic songs from the original Disney film add to the stunning effort gone into this production, and there are also a couple of new tracks to boot. Its a huge task, turning such a legendary film into a theatrical production, but it’s definitely worked out great. Every cast member delivers a memorable performance and portrays each character with the appropriate flare and passion.

I’ll just point out that I am no Theatre buff, however I do know when something is uniquely special. The Lion King certainly is, and if you haven’t yet experienced its emotional, picturesque and heart-warming adaptation then you are certainly missing out – I certainly was all this time!

Go check out the sneak preview – http://www2.disney.co.uk/MusicalTheatre/TheLionKing/home/index.jsp


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