3D The Future?

You may have noticed Channel 4’s latest effort to reign in the viewers, 3D week. Its an interesting idea but one that I approached cautiously, thinking is certainly nothing like the 3D experiences you get in cinemas, or in the IMAX.

This was correct, though I was pleasantly surprised – picking up a pair of free 3D glasses from Tesco myself and friends sat down to give it a test run, and see what everyone was raving about. Darren Brown’s Trick Of The Mind was the show we managed to catch, and to our amazement – it worked!

For those of you that didn’t see it, you were told when 3D was available via a pair of glasses popping up in the bottom left hand corner. Obviously 3D was not available for the entire show, as older clips were not produced with the 3D technology required. Though for a home TV experience, its certainly up there in terms of entertainment. It got me thinking, is this the next step in viewing broadcasts at home?

The cinema experience is still something special, once your passed the ‘freaky’ stage of 3D’s unfamiliarity. Though I feel like it could be the next big thing for home entertainment, these 3D weeks could become more frequent, and I have to say if you missed it – give it a go the next time its broadcast. Its an eye-opener for sure, but no doubt in a few years time we may have caught up with some of those 3D ideas in Back To The Future, hopefully not the shark though…


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