The Baddest Blues Band (ever!) ?

Driving In The Rain is the latest CD from rock fuelled blues six-piece The Baddest Blues Band (ever!), and they certainly present this image well. The album, which features 15 tracks, for me brings back some routes of blues music that I have not heard recently. The classic sound of a rotary organ underneath a harmonica solo section can go a long way, not to mention the bands solid rhythm section.

Songs such as “Driving In The Rain” and “Buck” are strong evidence of the bands ability to write classic bluesy tones and grooves, whilst “You’re Not Alone” is slower and more ballad like. This kind of diversity in song writing adds more character to an album, especially one so routed in the classic blues sound.

This is a very well rounded album, which is able to combine rock and blues elements with great guitar ability. You can really tell this band understand each other, and perfectly complement the vocal talent of lead singer Zoë Schwarz who, in the midst of their strong sound puts the perfect cherry on top.

(Check this review out in this months Blues In Britain Magazine!)


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