Internet Addicts!

Firstly a Merry Christmas to you all!! Secondly apologies for my lack of blogging lately but its been a hectic few weeks – my main Photojournalism project is now finished however, and you can check it out by pasting the link below into your browser!

The video has not yet been uploaded, but I will write a full blog for the project once this is done.

And now, to today’s blog post –

I’m sure you will all recognize this, even if you don’t play it – Farmville is the new internet sensation, and its not something you have to buy, install and then sign up to either. It runs totally off your Facebook account, which has got me thinking / realizing how fast technology is shifting.

Is it the end of our lives? I wouldn’t say so just yet, and although I am addicted to this game (yes I’m ashamed to admit it) I still don’t let it conflict with my daily routine. I imagine there are some people out there that do pause their life until the strawberry’s are fully grown in 4 hours time though. There’s even a community within a community, by this I mean a Facebook group made to meet people who play Farmville. Is this too much?

Some of you may agree so, who wants to spend their lives on a game and make friends with people they will probably never meet? And I have to say I agree with this statement, but there is also some good to this. We can all worry about the prospect of spending too much time on the internet but it never did much harm to me (I say that as I blog..) – so maybe its a good thing that youngsters are finding free ways to occupy themselves online, and socialize with their friends at the same time.

It’s just a thought, a point that can be explored in more detail – but I believe it should be recognized, things such as Facebook certainly rule the world and the applications that come with it will also have a distinct effect. Farmville is just one of these, but it happens to be one of the most popular.

Check it out at


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