Rage Against the X-Factor?

It’s usually a force fed, X-Factor winner, cover song that makes it to the Christmas number one spot each year, but 2009 could very well be a turning point. An internet phenomenon has surged through social networking sites and has nearly 607,000 followers- Rage Against The Machine for Christmas Number One.

Certainly a good way to shit all over Simon Cowell (if that’s what you want to do), but its also a great use of the song ‘Killing in the Name’ – “F*** you I won’t do what you tell me”. Rallying the cause are Tracy and Jon Morter, who in addition to making the group have not forgotten charity. http://www.justgiving.com/ratm4xmas was set up to raise money just as the normal X-Factor single does every Christmas, so the principle remains the same.

Not only is it going against the system and changing what the media (in some ways) want us to buy, but it also perhaps the most inventive way to gain support for such an idea – via Facebook. This links to yesterday’s post about Farmville, the social networking site is now the most powerful force on the internet – so where better to start a revolution?

Sure.. I watch the X-Factor if its on, but I never pay too much attention to those who win the competition, besides Leona Lewis – few have made it big. So why not change the system around? Try something new and show the corporate giants that the audience they serve can’t be controlled? (wow… RATM really do get you pumped up!)

Search for the group on Facebook now or visit the ‘justgiving’ website link shown above, if you feel like – lets make a change this December 14th. It will surely give the big boys a shock!


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