Top 5 of 2009!

It’s certainly been an eventful year, with plenty of films, star stories, music artists and controversy to talk about. So without further or do, here’s my top 5 categories of 2009 –

Number 5 – Great Television

Whether we like it or not, this year has given us some great television. It could be reality based, comedy or the ad-breaks in between them – there’s no denying that we’ve had our fair share of visual treats on our home screens. Here’s my top 5 moments from our armchair entertainment system –

Number 5 : ‘Jedward’ – The X-factor marmite captured the nation with their ‘so bad its funny’ live shows.

Number 4 : I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!

Number 3 : Outnumbered – Those naughty kids gave some serious laughs.

Number 2 : Question Time – The BNP Interview (controversy at its most brutal)

Number 1 : The Cadbury Adverts

Number 4 – Gaming

With the birth of the next generation consoles a few years ago, this year was no exception for delivering great games on all of the platforms. Action, Adventure and all out fun – being a geek never felt this rewarding!

Number 5 : Little Big Planet – Sure it was released last year, but it’s still going as strong as ever.

Number 4 : The Sims 3 – The feel good game returned with a next gen look.

Number 3 : Farmville – The Facebook sensation that controls lives!

Number 2 : Assasins Creed 2

Number 1 : Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

Number 3 – Celebrity Moments

We lost some great personalities this year, and there have also been some individuals that have ruled the tabloid media. Our culture is obsessed with celebrity lives and gossip, so there’s no way I could miss this one out.

Number 5 : Whitney Houston’s return live on X Factor – oh my!

Number 4 : Pete and Katie’s break up

Number 3 : Jade Goody’s battle with Cancer.

Number 2 : Heath Ledger’s death – it truly shocked the world.

Number 1 : Michael Jackson’s return & death – We lost a music god and the world will always remember him.

Number 2 – Music

There’s always fresh ideas, new artists, songs and controversial moments that get firmly stuck in your head all year round – this year has seen the arrival of many.

Number 5 : Kings Of Leon’s Reading Festival Performance – A great band, but an inevitable outburst at everyone’s love for ‘Sex On Fire’.

Number 4 : Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journeys return to the charts!

Number 3 : The RnB revolution – It’s everywhere, love it or hate it.

Number 2 : Florence and the Machine

Number 1 : Lady Gaga – She’s ruled the charts this year, with the tabloids, the outfits and the songwriting skills, she is the complete ‘star’ package.

Number 1 – The Movies

New directors, HD, 3D, Megan Fox… The cinemas have been bustling with entertainment this year, and in all genres. Some have flopped, some have triumphed and some never made it all –

Number 5 : Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus – The name says it all, so so bad that it becomes amazing, in a shit way.

Number 4 : Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – Megax Fox & Robots… again = very happy geeks

Number 3 : Where The Wild Things Are – The beloved children’s book with a Spike Jonze twist.

Number 2 : District 9 – The underground hit that turned Sci-Fi movies on their head, a truly amazing experience.

Number 1 : Avatar – This film will truly change cinema forever.

So there we have it, my top 5 of 2009! – Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year bloggers!


One Response to “Top 5 of 2009!”

  1. Also why don’t they fix all these farmville issues before they start giving us new stuff wouldn’t that be the smart thing to do??? This is sooo frustrating, can’t get into my farm at all this morning so I am losing money and XP points! In an earlier post you said that you could get XP points when the farmer plows and the coins go up in the air. How the heck does it work cos I have tried absolutely everything and have not been able to get one XP point out of this and I have had one heck of a pile of coins when plowing so I feel I am losing out big time!! Please can you help????? Many thanks for the help and tips you have been giving us, keep up the good work 🙂

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