The Future of Cinema

“You are not in Kansas anymore… you are on Pandora.”

Its a film that’s taken 15 years to make. Its a film that has a budget of 237 million dollars. And its a film that director James Cameron will be remembered for forever. A film to rival the Star Wars legacy? Possibly.. It certainly comes very close.

If you haven’t seen it yet, in all its 3D or indeed 2D glory, watch this trailer before I ramble on –

Firstly, wow – at least I’m hoping that’s what you’re all thinking! This extended trailer gave you a run down of the story, and shows some of those money shots, but it still does not do the cinema experience justice. Most cinemas are using ‘RealD’ glasses, and if there’s any film worth seeing in 3D it id without a doubt this.

For me, it was my first 3D experience – and it wasn’t even at the IMAX. The living planet of Pandora literally comes alive in front of you, and when the action kicks in it is like nothing I’ve experienced before. The film also clocks in at around the 3 hour mark, so you certainly get your moneys worth. Though not once does it feel like some parts are merely filling space to get the length up, every part of the film works in terms of the story and entertainment.

Whilst the sci-fi ‘geeks’ will love it there is still something for every film lover included, a love story, plenty of action, moments of horror and humor to keep everyone hooked. Cameron has really nailed it with this film, not to mention each frame of its colorful world took 12 hours to render – and it shows in the final cut.

Film of the year? I’d say so – and what an exciting way to end 2009, sequels are rumored to be in process – so there’s certainly an exciting and positive future for the cinema industry. Go see it – now!


One Response to “The Future of Cinema”

  1. WELL good film, saw it today. Wasn’t too sure on the 3D aspect though..

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