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Jimi Henchicks?

Posted in Features on 2010/03/14 by sturgeonmusic

Short blog post today on this amazing new exhibition at The Curve, Barbican in London. Certainly a new take on modern art exhibits, check out these birds as they trade in their normal bird houses for the classic electric guitar tone!


Virtuoso Comes To Reading

Posted in Features, Gig Reviews on 2010/03/13 by sturgeonmusic

I had the huge pleasure of meeting one of my favorite Bass guitarists to date last night, in perhaps the smallest and most intimate clinic I have attended.

He came to Dawsons Reading, one of the largest music stores in the south and played for several hours, displaying his solo technique, classical pieces and discussing his career in the music business. He is a true performer, telling the story of his career whilst playing different genres and styles on his Bass to reflect the events.

Not only that, but he also added humor and comedy to his performance, and with a few technical errors thrown in, it added to the friendly community atmosphere floating around the music store itself. Free beer, t-shirts and meet and greets were provided by Dawsons – however at the heart of his clinic was the promotion of his favored amplifiers.

If you don’t know much about his work so far, check out this live solo piece –

Stu is planning a tour this summer and also a new album release, keep a watchful eye on his website if his craft interests you.

The Sun’s Back – Let’s Chill Out!

Posted in Music Reviews on 2010/03/04 by sturgeonmusic

Spring could finally be here (hopefully I’m not jinxing it) and so what better time to start listening to perhaps the leading duo in chill out music, Groove Armada. Their album ‘Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)’ has completely re-captured my interest in this genre of music, released in 2001, it’s still sounding as fresh as ever.

The heavy bass, coupled with soft synth pads, strings and various vocal styles keeps the listener hooked throughout, and you get the summer vibe just by listening to each track. ‘Edge Hill’ has to be the stand-out track, beginning with chilled out trance pads and smooth bass. At around 2:45 the song then changes into something very special, in my eyes – one of those songs that screams ‘masterpiece’ as soon as you hear it, I won’t let too much away but if you buy anything this month by that track alone.

A reasonable price of £6.99 on the iTunes store, its certainly worth 13 tracks of varying chill out styles. Spanning world genres, rock and RnB its certainly worth checking out, but as stated before Edge Hill is a true masterpiece. If you’re a fan of Goldfrapp, This Will Destroy You and other such acts but haven’t listened to Groove Armada before (though its unlikely) go do it – now!

Short Feature – Single of the week (featured in Only in Winch Magazine)

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2010/03/02 by sturgeonmusic

Florence + The Machine & Dizzee Rascal – You Got The Dirtee Love

One of the fastest ever singles released in the UK (just five hours after the live duet) Florence Welch’s duet with fellow Brit winner Dizzee Rascal has certainly taken the country by storm. Lyrics from Dizzee’s hit ‘Holiday’ feature over the soft harps and tones from Florence’s cover of ‘You Got The Love’ hence their collaborations title. As far as live recordings go, some artists can struggle to perform correctly, however Florence is outstanding delivering a flawless performance.  Its number one on the iTunes store downloads chart which displays its popularity and begs the question, could there be more duets on the way from these two very different artists?

Both managed to pick up Brit awards, Florence won Best Album and Dizzee picked up Best British Male which can only confirm the perfect mix this duet has. Certainly worth the download price, this is a rare live duet that works, and in some ways against the odds of the genres colliding.