Short Feature – Single of the week (featured in Only in Winch Magazine)

Florence + The Machine & Dizzee Rascal – You Got The Dirtee Love

One of the fastest ever singles released in the UK (just five hours after the live duet) Florence Welch’s duet with fellow Brit winner Dizzee Rascal has certainly taken the country by storm. Lyrics from Dizzee’s hit ‘Holiday’ feature over the soft harps and tones from Florence’s cover of ‘You Got The Love’ hence their collaborations title. As far as live recordings go, some artists can struggle to perform correctly, however Florence is outstanding delivering a flawless performance.  Its number one on the iTunes store downloads chart which displays its popularity and begs the question, could there be more duets on the way from these two very different artists?

Both managed to pick up Brit awards, Florence won Best Album and Dizzee picked up Best British Male which can only confirm the perfect mix this duet has. Certainly worth the download price, this is a rare live duet that works, and in some ways against the odds of the genres colliding.


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