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Re-living Childhood

Posted in Features on 2010/07/22 by sturgeonmusic

So the time is finally here, the long awaited third part to a series of films which have without a doubt captured the minds and hearts of generations. Its appealing to the parents, to my generation and also to the children of today. The film is set to be one of the biggest grossing releases in a very long time, despite its delay, but this isn’t the point of todays blog entry.

The point is, the emotions this film provoked within myself and friends throughout. Sure its got it all, the comedy, the sadness, the drama – but it all boiled down to one thing for me, the feeling of growing old. You see Andy growing older and it reminded me of myself, throwing out old toys but feeling a deep connection to them, in a way – this final Toy Story movie feels just like those old toys, an end of an era.

As you know I’m not usually about this kind of emotional blogging, its always about the music – but this is different, rarely has a film made me feel this way and I think its down to the fact that I grew up with this series. I wont reveal too much, as a lot of people haven’t seen it yet – but the films ending is a combination of pretty much every emotion you can have, especially if the films mean a lot to you.

So its a blockbuster then? A legendary children’s film that captures their imagination? In my opinion its both, for once its an animation film that carries with it the same emotion and character as its previous efforts without flopping.

For now, here’s a featurette on some of the new characters featured in the film, but remember – this isn’t your normal Pixar animation effort, its a film thats accessible and relevant to three generations of our culture.