Low-end Spotlight

As a lot of people might already know, I’m a bass player, have been for nearly 6 years now. This isn’t going to be a biased post complaining about how the instrument isn’t respected quite as much as it should be within modern music (whoops), it is however a look at something very exciting for the instrument, and the film industry.

Due for release at the end of this month, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World looks to be an exciting, geeky and truly from the heart blend of action, music and love. The above picture is taken from the original comic that the film is adapted from, however unlike many – it doesn’t look set to flop.

Michael Cera is a fan favorite and suits the roll of Scott Pilgrim very well, match that with the fact he’s a bass player, and he fits the bill. The film is based around Scott’s love for Ramona Flowers, but in order to reveal his love for her he must defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends in what can only be described as action and geek fueled combat.

Not only that, its great news for the instrument itself, focusing on the bass as a front-man instrument is refreshing instead of seeing yet another guitarist on the big screen. Its about bloody time!

Check out this trailer as a quick sum-up of everything already mentioned, prepare to witness an ‘epic of epic epicness’ –


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