‘White Holes Of Mole Hills’

I’ve had my eye on this artist for a very long time, its not another techno/synth filled female solo artist who just happens to play acoustic guitar, in fact its something completely different. Her music takes you back to the routes of ‘jamming’ with fellow musicians and also the power of your own voice as an instrument itself.

Most of my reviews are around new, exciting musicians who mix genres to create something unique. And whilst the sounds of Ruth Theodore may at times sound simplistic in nature, however its far from it. Try to picture musicians that are literally awesome at their own craft being thrown into a room with a girl that has the moves and voice to rival Newton Faulkner and you have the general sound of this incredible new artist.

I saw her three years ago at the tiny venue ‘The Railway Inn’ (Winchester) and it was a solo performance. I instantly brought her debut cd that night, ‘Worm Food’ and to my amazement she did not receive the level of press attention she deserves. Though this is the thing with Ruth, something quite refreshing – she doesn’t appear to be after the limelight, more expressing herself on the guitar.

So her latest effort, ‘White Holes Of Mole Hills’ is a continuation of her growth, and something for a variety of different music fans. Its got the jazz, the funk and folk routes, but the main attraction is her guitar style and her unique voice. If you loved Newton Faulkner then this album (and her first) are a must for a female take on using the acoustic guitar in such a new style.

Its not a case of how Ruth Theodore will take off, but purely when.



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