Justin Bieber – remixed

He’s a boy with a huge fan base, great success and has achieved all of this at a very young age. He’s done very well for himself you might say? Yet if you search around on the internet, it doesn’t take long to find some accusation, hate-blog or piss take picture that turns him into a bit of an icon for hatred.

Personally, I can’t say I’ve really listened to his music or say I want to, however after hearing this song today, I would happily listen to this for hours on end. Yes, I really am talking about me listening to Justin Bieber.

I discovered this amazing remix earlier today and it’s been played non-stop in my room since then. I’m surprised I am even awake enough to post a coherent blog let alone describe its style!

Ever heard those sound scape style songs that become instantly legendary? Things like Massive Attack, Moby, This Will Destroy You and those famous musical scores? This is right on the nail if you like listening to these styles on a chilled out evening or at a party.

Its not one of those trippy sound scape’s  that people say you have to be stoned to enjoy either, this truly is epic. And yes, Justin sounds amazing…. slowed down 8 times.

Click below, sit back and enjoy –


One Response to “Justin Bieber – remixed”

  1. What is the original song?

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