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Track of the year

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2010/12/08 by sturgeonmusic

So I figured its about time I stopped wondering what to write on my blog and actually post one of the dozens of ideas I’ve been storing for a while now, I hope I haven’t lost those who enjoyed reading the blog back when I was in the habit of posting daily – I have returned (with more spare time!)

As I can see no further releases this year that will take its crown, I’m going to jump ahead early this year and post what I see as the best track of the past 12 months. The most catchy, groovy, funky, well crafted and emotional pick of the bunch.

Its a common fact that I am a big fan of those Nashville rockers Kings of Leon, but in the run-up to the release of their new album ‘Come Around Sundown’ I was skeptical that the band had reached their height, and would suffer the same fate as many before – dying out.

Fortunately, I was grasped by the album from the first track, and fans all over the world seem to accept their mix-mash of old, favorite and new sounds all squeezed into one album. Think of it as 13 ‘greatest hit’ style tracks that combine all of their sounds since the beginning of their career, and surprisingly it remains fresh to us, the ever-changing audience.

There is however, one stand-out track – set above the rest and anything I have heard this year. Sure, many have come close and it would be a BIG task to include them all in this post, but this song includes everything I have grown to love about the bands sound.

The trebly / choppy guitar intro, the incredible bass work, the driving drums, the harmonies and the lyrics that hit home to anyones experiences in life. Simply titled ‘The Immortals’ the track focuses on travelling the world, finding yourself and some tips on living life in general, perhaps from the bands more religious past.

But enough of my rambling, here it is – my track of the year for 2010, enjoy!

Press play and click ‘watch on youtube’ as Sony won’t let videos link to wordpress – lamee :[