Funk Revival

Me and my friends always joke about funk music, making 70’s cop references, humming bass lines, talking of groove and dancing at the mere thought of the genre. Recently I brought my friend – Graham Central Station’s ‘My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me’, and he loved it. And not just for that famous song ‘Pow’, I think for everything this music stands for.

Over the years this genre has always been a frequent play on my iTunes, noticing that all the best musicians I have played alongside either had funk influences or were purely in the groove themselves. Having taken a few weeks out and listening primarily to Metal and Jazz, I figured after buying this CD it was about time I went back to my much beloved Funk. You know, the kinda stuff with one of those ‘P.H. phat’ grooves that makes your face go all scrunched up as if you were constipated?

Well, thats when I stumbled upon this little gem – something so god damn infectious I had it on repeat 8 times today whilst cleaning my room. I put off posting this song for the sake of my readers (it may force you to have the face mentioned above or cause your head to explode), but seen as I was sat here browsing the net with my girlfriend asleep next to me, I could no longer resist.

Words do not and cannot describe this song, and if you get a chance to check out the album its taken from, please do. Enjoy! (its P.H. phat!) –

You have to click ‘watch on youtube’ after pressing play because record labels suck.


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