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30 day song challenge – Day 4

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2011/04/26 by sturgeonmusic

“a song that makes you sad”

The blisteringly hot weather of late coupled with a delightful bank holiday has led to my internet connection being used very sparingly, however here is the next part of the Facebook created challenge!

Also, before I introduce the track, I would also like to point out and say a huge thanks to my readers and subscribers for the 711 (and counting) views I received this month alone, you’re appreciation of my musical rantings and opinions is seriously appreciated and make this whole blog worth while.

Anyway, a song that makes me sad?

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Sure its probably a popular choice, but this song makes me sad for one main reason, memories. This is a song that defines a few years in my life, and ones that I’ll never forget. After hearing 20 seconds of the intro I already found myself looking at old photos from times gone by.

An amazing song by a band that made it to the top despite being ‘outside the box’ (whatever that is nowadays!)


30-day Song Challenge – Day 3

Posted in Features on 2011/04/03 by sturgeonmusic

“a song that makes you happy”

Miles Davis has to be my favourite Jazz musician. Regarded as the best by many, his music never ceases to bring excitement, technicality and soul. So, for Day 3 I have chosen an appropriate piece for this time of the year, and one I was introduced to around 3 years ago. Its been played in my house around this time every year since.

R.I.P. Miles!


(as with most youtube videos now, you have to click watch on youtube if they’re shared items – its LAME.)