Who is ‘Sturge’?


Hi There!

My names Christian Sturgess, and I’m a 23 year old Bassist / Media Studio Editor living in Reading. I’ve had this blog running for around 3 years now, and its proved to get quite a decent following in this time!

In case you didn’t guess already, music is the main part of my life. I have played Bass for 7 years now and remain just as passionate about the instrument as when I started, not to mention the recording, writing, listening and experiencing side to this incredible part of our lives.

Head on over and check out my CV for a full list of my achievements and other interests if you so wish, but hopefully you’ll just be here to pass some time and have a read through some entertaining and light hearted scribbling.

If you get chance, take a look at my girls AWESOME handmade crafts and woodcraft over at – dustysdesignscrafts.blogspot.com


4 Responses to “Who is ‘Sturge’?”

  1. Rebecca Thomas Says:

    Hey Christian,

    Just stumbled on your website through your faceboo link and I am v v impressed! good work! 😀

  2. shaunrice Says:

    that picture has to go m8 xx

  3. shaunrice Says:

    hi its erin you look so funny

  4. Consider it done! x

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