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Martial Arts Classic

Posted in Features, Film Reviews on 2011/01/23 by sturgeonmusic

I was introduced to a film last week, and not in your typical “this film is really bad, its so cheesy and from the 80’s!” kind of fashion, but more that its pure genius.

I’ve always been a fan of action movies, no matter how new or old. If they manage to hit the spot (whatever that is) and excite to an irrational level then you can be pretty sure I’ll give it a watch. I went along thinking it was going to be ‘just another one of those cheesy dubbed movies’ and regardless to say, it was. But my god, it does it differently, well and with style.

I am of course talking about ‘The Kick of the Kickboxers’,  released in 1991. If you’re a fan of those early Jackie Chan movie, needless to say this will go down a treat. It has parody, humor, action by the bucket load and even a dodgey sex scene. But the main thing about this movie is its style, its as if it knows how its coming cross and the director was incredibly proud with it.

A few unknowns making appearances, along with one of the baddest villains since the apocalypse, this film delivers on all levels the genre should.

(Lets hope this works)

Check out the trailer below and if you trust my judgement, by the DVD itself. My friend picked it up for £3, and for that price  you cant really go wrong!


Top Lists of 2010!

Posted in Features, Film Reviews, Music Reviews on 2011/01/05 by sturgeonmusic

2010 was a year of great highs and lows for me, I graduated, saw my bands album on iTunes and had a flurry of negative family energy to deal with at times, but… we get through these things! Certainly, the year itself was very up and down within the media and entertainment industries, and much like the end of 2009 for sturgeonmusic – here are my top 5 lists for 2010 – Happy new Year!

Number 4 – Great Television

This was a very hard category to choose, to get the right mix of news vs entertainment coverage. No doubt, the year saw some amazing images brought to us right in our living rooms, and not to mention the unveiling of people and stories both iconic and memorable –

Number 5 : The Amazing Race – Claire Champlin’s watermelon to the face, painful.

Number 4 : Lost – The Finale, let down?

Number 3 : Top Gear – The Stig’s identity ‘revealed’.

Number 2 : Wimbledon 2010 – The first-round match between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner that lasted an incredible 11 hours, 5 minutes.

Number 1 : The Chilean Mine rescue – truly grasping the world.

Number 3 – Gaming

With the vast leaps in technology that occurred towards the end of 2010, gaming was taken to a whole new level. The 3D home experience, finer quality HD at a reasonable price, and a huge selection of mind blowing cinematic pieces of art –

Number 5 : Bioshock 2 – moving, touching, sickening, violent, gorgeous.

Number 4 : Heavy Rain – Truly a ground-breaking piece of kit.

Number 3 : Call of Duty – Black Ops (or black cops if you’ve seen the parody)

Number 2 : Gran Turismo 5 – it finally came out!

Number 1 : Assasins Creed Brotherhood – Truly amazing.

Number 2 – Music

mmm… funky…. I think thats the phrase to best sum up 2010 as a year of fresh new music, classic links to old styles and returns of popular fan favorites. We also had some sad loses in the worlds most interesting genre of music –

Number 5 : Teenage Dream – Katy Perry ruled the charts.

Number 4 : Mike Portnoy leaves progressive giants Dream Theater.

Number 3 : Kings of Leon release Come Around Sundown to great success.

Number 2 : Slipknot’s bassist, Paul Gray is found dead.

Number 1 : Cee-Lo Green’s F**k You captures the nation.

Number 1 – The Movies

Yet another blockbusting year leads me to the last point of my top listing round up of 2010, the movies! –

Number 5 : The Expendables – A true mans action film, and it has all the stars… nearly!

Number 4 : Kickass – Taking comic book hero’s to a more accessible level.

Number 3 : Jackass 3D – The most creative use of 3D I have seen so far…

Number 2 : Toy Story 3 – My childhood memories and loves come to an emotional end!

Number 1 : Tron legacy – The film that blew my socks off, and for every aspect, especially the soundtrack. Simply incredible.

Low-end Spotlight

Posted in Features, Film Reviews on 2010/08/07 by sturgeonmusic

As a lot of people might already know, I’m a bass player, have been for nearly 6 years now. This isn’t going to be a biased post complaining about how the instrument isn’t respected quite as much as it should be within modern music (whoops), it is however a look at something very exciting for the instrument, and the film industry.

Due for release at the end of this month, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World looks to be an exciting, geeky and truly from the heart blend of action, music and love. The above picture is taken from the original comic that the film is adapted from, however unlike many – it doesn’t look set to flop.

Michael Cera is a fan favorite and suits the roll of Scott Pilgrim very well, match that with the fact he’s a bass player, and he fits the bill. The film is based around Scott’s love for Ramona Flowers, but in order to reveal his love for her he must defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends in what can only be described as action and geek fueled combat.

Not only that, its great news for the instrument itself, focusing on the bass as a front-man instrument is refreshing instead of seeing yet another guitarist on the big screen. Its about bloody time!

Check out this trailer as a quick sum-up of everything already mentioned, prepare to witness an ‘epic of epic epicness’ –

The Future of Cinema

Posted in Film Reviews on 2009/12/28 by sturgeonmusic

“You are not in Kansas anymore… you are on Pandora.”

Its a film that’s taken 15 years to make. Its a film that has a budget of 237 million dollars. And its a film that director James Cameron will be remembered for forever. A film to rival the Star Wars legacy? Possibly.. It certainly comes very close.

If you haven’t seen it yet, in all its 3D or indeed 2D glory, watch this trailer before I ramble on –

Firstly, wow – at least I’m hoping that’s what you’re all thinking! This extended trailer gave you a run down of the story, and shows some of those money shots, but it still does not do the cinema experience justice. Most cinemas are using ‘RealD’ glasses, and if there’s any film worth seeing in 3D it id without a doubt this.

For me, it was my first 3D experience – and it wasn’t even at the IMAX. The living planet of Pandora literally comes alive in front of you, and when the action kicks in it is like nothing I’ve experienced before. The film also clocks in at around the 3 hour mark, so you certainly get your moneys worth. Though not once does it feel like some parts are merely filling space to get the length up, every part of the film works in terms of the story and entertainment.

Whilst the sci-fi ‘geeks’ will love it there is still something for every film lover included, a love story, plenty of action, moments of horror and humor to keep everyone hooked. Cameron has really nailed it with this film, not to mention each frame of its colorful world took 12 hours to render – and it shows in the final cut.

Film of the year? I’d say so – and what an exciting way to end 2009, sequels are rumored to be in process – so there’s certainly an exciting and positive future for the cinema industry. Go see it – now!

Escapism Cinema

Posted in Film Reviews on 2009/12/16 by sturgeonmusic

I watched Spike Jonze’s new film ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ this morning, and I have to say I was blown away. I had high hopes considering I’d read the book during my childhood, and this certainly does it justice.

It’s full to the brim with all the stylistic camera work used by Spike in his music videos, and features a soundtrack of fairly unknown writers. Not to mention the actors, few have starred in any blockbuster films – so there’s a real element of freshness here.

It’s also the reason for this blogs title – it truly is a piece of escapism, once you enter the ‘wild things’ domain you really do feel in a completely different world. This isn’t done by expensive CGI, but by the locations and the simplistic character design. The wild things themselves are also strong personalities, they form a tribe and everyone has their place (no doubt you will pick your favorite – The Bull’s mine!)

Lead character Max is also very loveable, after running away from home due to feeling lost and lonely he finds a boat and travels to the far away land of the wild things. You never discover their origin, where the location is or indeed if he has dreamed the whole adventure – but by the end of the film you don’t really care.

This is a true feel good film that’s full of emotion, adventure and truly amazing visuals. I’d suggest you go see it asap – even if you haven’t read the book, this film will connect to you on various different levels.