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30 day song challenge – Day 4

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2011/04/26 by sturgeonmusic

“a song that makes you sad”

The blisteringly hot weather of late coupled with a delightful bank holiday has led to my internet connection being used very sparingly, however here is the next part of the Facebook created challenge!

Also, before I introduce the track, I would also like to point out and say a huge thanks to my readers and subscribers for the 711 (and counting) views I received this month alone, you’re appreciation of my musical rantings and opinions is seriously appreciated and make this whole blog worth while.

Anyway, a song that makes me sad?

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Sure its probably a popular choice, but this song makes me sad for one main reason, memories. This is a song that defines a few years in my life, and ones that I’ll never forget. After hearing 20 seconds of the intro I already found myself looking at old photos from times gone by.

An amazing song by a band that made it to the top despite being ‘outside the box’ (whatever that is nowadays!)


30-day Song Challenge – Day 2

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2011/03/13 by sturgeonmusic

“your least favourite song’

Simply awful. I would love to get technical, put on my musicology hat and start ranting at the current state of the music industry and those who play a big part in its production… but I wont bother. This is the biggest pile of wank I have ever heard.

30-day Song Challenge – Day 1

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2011/03/10 by sturgeonmusic

“Your favourite song”

I’ve seen this floating around a lot on Facebook and Twitter lately, but instead of posting my 30-day challenge onto the social networking feeds, I figured, why not tie it in with my blog?

Behold, my favourite song to date – and boy was it a tough starting category to choose! Yes I am in a metal band, yes I do like my music funky and rather heavy, but this band also hits the ticket for me. The free fall chorus is (in my opinion) one of the best I’ve ever heard, not to mention the lyrical content itself and that amazing bass melody.

Funk Revival

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2011/01/13 by sturgeonmusic

Me and my friends always joke about funk music, making 70’s cop references, humming bass lines, talking of groove and dancing at the mere thought of the genre. Recently I brought my friend – Graham Central Station’s ‘My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me’, and he loved it. And not just for that famous song ‘Pow’, I think for everything this music stands for.

Over the years this genre has always been a frequent play on my iTunes, noticing that all the best musicians I have played alongside either had funk influences or were purely in the groove themselves. Having taken a few weeks out and listening primarily to Metal and Jazz, I figured after buying this CD it was about time I went back to my much beloved Funk. You know, the kinda stuff with one of those ‘P.H. phat’ grooves that makes your face go all scrunched up as if you were constipated?

Well, thats when I stumbled upon this little gem – something so god damn infectious I had it on repeat 8 times today whilst cleaning my room. I put off posting this song for the sake of my readers (it may force you to have the face mentioned above or cause your head to explode), but seen as I was sat here browsing the net with my girlfriend asleep next to me, I could no longer resist.

Words do not and cannot describe this song, and if you get a chance to check out the album its taken from, please do. Enjoy! (its P.H. phat!) –

You have to click ‘watch on youtube’ after pressing play because record labels suck.

Old Giants Re-born

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2011/01/07 by sturgeonmusic

Its rare that bands from the 80’s era make a startling come back in today’s fast-turnover music industry, its also rare that they happen to be one of my favorite bands to date. I posted earlier last year about rock giants Mr. Big travelling around the world on a hyped up reunion tour, and luckily it didn’t stop there.

Billy Sheehan himself posted on Twitter just after the New Year saying “New Mr Big record & tour”, and this is certainly something to be excited about. The bands furious stage presence, coupled with the energy of friendships re-born within the band will make them a force to be seen live this year. When dates are confirmed, no doubt I will post these in a Preview style blog.

Their new album ‘What If…’ is set for release THIS MONTH on the 21st, be sure to watch this space for an imminent Review on that as well. But for now here is their latest single (and HD video) – Undertow.

Top Lists of 2010!

Posted in Features, Film Reviews, Music Reviews on 2011/01/05 by sturgeonmusic

2010 was a year of great highs and lows for me, I graduated, saw my bands album on iTunes and had a flurry of negative family energy to deal with at times, but… we get through these things! Certainly, the year itself was very up and down within the media and entertainment industries, and much like the end of 2009 for sturgeonmusic – here are my top 5 lists for 2010 – Happy new Year!

Number 4 – Great Television

This was a very hard category to choose, to get the right mix of news vs entertainment coverage. No doubt, the year saw some amazing images brought to us right in our living rooms, and not to mention the unveiling of people and stories both iconic and memorable –

Number 5 : The Amazing Race – Claire Champlin’s watermelon to the face, painful.

Number 4 : Lost – The Finale, let down?

Number 3 : Top Gear – The Stig’s identity ‘revealed’.

Number 2 : Wimbledon 2010 – The first-round match between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner that lasted an incredible 11 hours, 5 minutes.

Number 1 : The Chilean Mine rescue – truly grasping the world.

Number 3 – Gaming

With the vast leaps in technology that occurred towards the end of 2010, gaming was taken to a whole new level. The 3D home experience, finer quality HD at a reasonable price, and a huge selection of mind blowing cinematic pieces of art –

Number 5 : Bioshock 2 – moving, touching, sickening, violent, gorgeous.

Number 4 : Heavy Rain – Truly a ground-breaking piece of kit.

Number 3 : Call of Duty – Black Ops (or black cops if you’ve seen the parody)

Number 2 : Gran Turismo 5 – it finally came out!

Number 1 : Assasins Creed Brotherhood – Truly amazing.

Number 2 – Music

mmm… funky…. I think thats the phrase to best sum up 2010 as a year of fresh new music, classic links to old styles and returns of popular fan favorites. We also had some sad loses in the worlds most interesting genre of music –

Number 5 : Teenage Dream – Katy Perry ruled the charts.

Number 4 : Mike Portnoy leaves progressive giants Dream Theater.

Number 3 : Kings of Leon release Come Around Sundown to great success.

Number 2 : Slipknot’s bassist, Paul Gray is found dead.

Number 1 : Cee-Lo Green’s F**k You captures the nation.

Number 1 – The Movies

Yet another blockbusting year leads me to the last point of my top listing round up of 2010, the movies! –

Number 5 : The Expendables – A true mans action film, and it has all the stars… nearly!

Number 4 : Kickass – Taking comic book hero’s to a more accessible level.

Number 3 : Jackass 3D – The most creative use of 3D I have seen so far…

Number 2 : Toy Story 3 – My childhood memories and loves come to an emotional end!

Number 1 : Tron legacy – The film that blew my socks off, and for every aspect, especially the soundtrack. Simply incredible.

Track of the year

Posted in Features, Music Reviews on 2010/12/08 by sturgeonmusic

So I figured its about time I stopped wondering what to write on my blog and actually post one of the dozens of ideas I’ve been storing for a while now, I hope I haven’t lost those who enjoyed reading the blog back when I was in the habit of posting daily – I have returned (with more spare time!)

As I can see no further releases this year that will take its crown, I’m going to jump ahead early this year and post what I see as the best track of the past 12 months. The most catchy, groovy, funky, well crafted and emotional pick of the bunch.

Its a common fact that I am a big fan of those Nashville rockers Kings of Leon, but in the run-up to the release of their new album ‘Come Around Sundown’ I was skeptical that the band had reached their height, and would suffer the same fate as many before – dying out.

Fortunately, I was grasped by the album from the first track, and fans all over the world seem to accept their mix-mash of old, favorite and new sounds all squeezed into one album. Think of it as 13 ‘greatest hit’ style tracks that combine all of their sounds since the beginning of their career, and surprisingly it remains fresh to us, the ever-changing audience.

There is however, one stand-out track – set above the rest and anything I have heard this year. Sure, many have come close and it would be a BIG task to include them all in this post, but this song includes everything I have grown to love about the bands sound.

The trebly / choppy guitar intro, the incredible bass work, the driving drums, the harmonies and the lyrics that hit home to anyones experiences in life. Simply titled ‘The Immortals’ the track focuses on travelling the world, finding yourself and some tips on living life in general, perhaps from the bands more religious past.

But enough of my rambling, here it is – my track of the year for 2010, enjoy!

Press play and click ‘watch on youtube’ as Sony won’t let videos link to wordpress – lamee :[